Why Bluebonnet Daycare

At Bluebonnet Learning Center, we pride ourselves on providing a quality, affordable early child care to children within a warm, safe and educational environment ensuring each child advances to his/her potential in all areas of development leading to a successful transfer to school. We treat each child and parent with kindness and respect, while being responsive to individual needs and expectations. We strive to provide stability and support to the children in our care and their families, so that we can truly impact future generations.


Bluebonnet Learning Center is an exceptionally high quality educational and caring facility that puts emphasis on your child’s needs and preparedness for kindergarten. We offer your 3-5 year old child Math, Reading/Literature, Science, Phonics, Multicultural Studies, Physical Education, outdoor/indoor games/sports, and extra activities such as Music/Song/Dance, Gardening, and Creative Art. Your 1-2 year old child will learn numbers, colors and shapes, the how to’s of drinking from a cup, eating with a spoon, coloring/drawing, and walking, they will be playing out/in door games, music/song/dance, and Baby Signs ( a baby sign language that boosts babies self-esteem and self-confidence, reduces frustration, biting, and other aggravated behaviors , helps the caregivers to be more observant and responsive, builds trust between babies and caregivers, results in better language development, and promotes positive emotional development )

School Model

At the Bluebonnet Learning Center, your child will be loved, respected, and encouraged by dedicated, caring, and trained teachers/caregivers.  The main focus of our staff is to give loving attention and precious time to your child. We understand that our influence on your child will help them reach their potential for development and growth in all areas of his/her life. Our teachers and caregivers attend Early Childhood Development and Education workshops, seminars and training through out the year. They  stay current on early childhood education and improve their teaching with new ideas and activities. Our Director is regularly seeking for innovational ways to improve your child’s stay in our Center. Bluebonnet Learning Center thrives to be an exceptional place for your child so you can have the peace of mind that he/she will be well taken care of during his/her early, formative years.

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