Ages 6 weeks – 12 Months

Our Infant curriculum is set up to meet the needs of our littlest learners.
It provides stimulating activities that promote brain development.
We believe in helping our infants to experience the world around them through the use of their senses.
Sight –colorful toys and picture books are shared with them daily, as well as eye contact with their teachers
Touch – the infants are given opportunity to handle different textures and shapes
Hearing – music is used throughout the day to set the atmosphere in the room, the infants also learn to manipulate toys that produce different sounds when played with, their teachers talk to them while they are meeting their needs of care
Language Development
The teachers talk to, and listen to, the Infants and encourage their pre-language sounds.
Social/Emotional Development
The Infants needs are meet promptly and are comforted when sad.  The teachers encourage, and monitor interaction between infants to help them understand how to be friends with others.
Small/Large Muscle Development
Infants are allowed supervised “Tummy Time” on the floor, to help them use and develop all their muscles.
Our Infant program is tailored to meet the needs of the Infants as they grow.  From the first time of rolling over to the first steps.
Compliant with National Association for the Education of the Young Child

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