1. Collect things together. Decide one subject and start to collect (rock, seashell, napkin, magnet  ,etc)
  2. Give your child a magazine or book and ask her to find pictures that you asked
  3. Discuss about hibernation and animal who get hibernation
  4. Talk about night and day
  5. Paint your child hands and foots and press on the paper
  6. Tell your child your own childhood
  7. Make cookies together and let your child shapes to cookies
  8. Dream together
  9. Open a sock drawer and match all the socks together
  10. Show half of a picture and let your child guess what it could be
  11. Prepare breakfast together
  12. Feed the baby doll together
  13. Making a song up together
  14. Cut the papers with bird shape and put them in craft sticks. Then play shadow game with puppets
  15. Having a purple (or some other color) party. Collect all purple objects and display together
  16. Wash dishes together
  17. Blow the balloons and draw different faces on them
  18. Let your child smell different scents like ginger, cinnamon, lemon, black pepper, etc.
  19. Clean your child’s toys up together
  20. Put chicken peas and beans in one container and sort them together
  21. Organize a geometry day and find different shapes around house and display them
  22. Built obstacle course with pillows

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